Nebraska Computer Services has many customers in some 29 states and all throughout central and eastern Nebraska. Some of these customers, over the 23 plus years of service by NCS, have purchased as many as 8 new computer, and many of them as many as 5 new computers from NCS, as they pass on their old computers to relatives or friends, or donate them to one of many worthy institutions for others to learn and use. NCS techs spend about half of their evenings onsite and doing evening or weekend training for customers that need help at home, after hours, or at work in the off business hours. Flexible training with all of the Microsoft products and many others, such as Quickbooks, Quicken, Money, Cougar Mountain Software and other financial packages. Most of the more detailed training if for MS Word or MS Excel.
It all started clear back in 1985, Nebraska Computer Services has been serving central and eastern Nebraska computer users both at home and at their business. Computer Sales and Service are at the prime of NCS offerings. NCS offers sales of new and used computers. NCS can find something to fit your pricerange, from $150 to $850 for used systems. NCS offers new computers that start in price from $495. The typical new computer from NCS is in the $900 to $1100 range.
NCS offers many individual and unique services such as old computer placement. We help you find a home for your used computer and get a nice tax benefit to boot.
NCS has customers in 29 states, but most of their customers are right here at home in central and eastern Nebraska. NCS offers phone and online support for all types and brands of computers. NCS is one of a very few computer service organizations that does work on all brands of computers and peripherals. Some the of brands that NCS services is HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, eMachine, almost all brands of white boxes for both desktop and notebook computers.
NCS offers internet connections through dsL and wireless main connections. NCS offers complete networking services for both the home and business.
NCS offers one on one and small group training either at the NCS facility or at your home or office. NCS services large printers and computer accessories that very few stores in Nebraska will work on. NCS does a lot of onsite third party warranty and out of warranty service for over 100 different models and many brands of computer and printer and peripherals.

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Notebook Computers
Wide screen, bigger hard drives and more RAM are the newest things for the notebook computers now being offered by NCS. Great deals on used notebooks are available now too.
Jet Drives for backup/storage
The hottest thing right now is by far the jetdrives, or thumb drives, or flash drives are the thing that everyone is using for daily backups, picture storage and transporting. Speeds vary on different models.
Internet Security
The one single biggest item right now is securing your computer from virus, spyware, adware, malware and many other dangers that lack of security brings.