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Offering the very best in Health and Wellness products. Products from Youngevity, Global Health Trax, Jerky Direct, Xango, AlpineV, EcoQuest, and many other great companies to help you to live a more full and rich life.
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Youngevity from Dr. Joel Wallach
and Healthtec Marketing
Offering the very best for land based ancient rain forest liquid minerals and other vitamins and mineral combination to provide a complete solution for your health and wellness pursuit.
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Alpine V from Healthtec Marketing

Offering the most concentrated pure natural juice that is available for better health and wellness. Get at sense of well being when taking the Alpine V liquid pure fruit juice.
Visit Our Partner, Global Health Trax
Global Health Trax from Healthtec Marketing

Offering seabed based minerals and their unique oxygen based revitalizer called Oxygen Elements. Liquid Silica and many other unique products let GHT help you to a life of more energy and improved levels of health and wellness.

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