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Used Computers is a really good market for NCS. We can hit virtually any pricepoint for your computer system needs. Most used computers are PII or better processing, although we do have always several units of the old pentiium class for the basic word processing needs. Used notebooks are extremely popular and they start at the $345 and above pricepoint. There again, we can hit just about any budget that you may have.
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Used Computers starting at $150

Used Computers, Printers, Scanners, Software

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Panda Internet Securtiy

Complete Suite $89

Special $69

Ask about special pricing!
JetDrives Flashdrives

1G $22 blue
2G $31 red
4G $56 white
8G $74 black
16G $109 green
APC Power Protector

Standard $39

Multimedia $69